A little over a year ago, I went to Jamaica. I advise every one to go there at least once in their life. It was truly amazing. The locals were so nice, they accepted American dollars, which made traveling there so much easier, and their food was AMAZING. The jerk chicken was something that i had never tried before. So much flavor in every bite. I even bought the ‘jerk’ spice so I can make it at home, and yes, I was successful! (just not as enough favor).

The beaches were BEAUTIFUL. I want to go back all the time, just for those clear, blue waters. I did kayaking and paddle boarding, and it was the funnest. I got to explore all the plants and the green that was there, and the sunsets were just as gorgeous. I truly wish it was closer so I can travel there ALL THE TIME. The hotel I stayed at was the Idle Awhile — The staff was super nice and they have 3 different locations! You can either get a room at their hotel on the cliffs, on the ocean, or no view of the water.


Have you ever traveled to Jamaica? If so, what city? If not, would you travel there?

Do you have any recommendations for me to travel to? 

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