Garlic – Health Benefits

Garlic – one of the best ingredients to use when cooking. Practically goes well with everything. Garlic honestly makes everything taste better. Whether it is with veggies, chicken, or steak! It is even delicious when making garlic fries!! (okay, I am starting to get hungry and drooling over my keyboard – let’s get to it!)

There are so many health benefits when it comes to garlic – some you may know about and others you may not know about!


Garlic has so much nutritious value! And the best part? it barely has calories with it! One clove of raw garlic, which is about 3 grams, has 2% of the daily value of magnesium, 2% of vitamin B6, 1% of Vitamin C, 1% of selenium, and has .06 grams of fiber! It also has a good amount of calcium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, and iron! And that is just in in about one clove, and us garlic lovers know how much we put in our food! (haha)

Fight Sickness

Another amazing benefit of garlic that you might not know about is that it helps fight sicknesses and colds! You can also get garlic drops and take it that way if you do not really want to eat garlic but want to fight sickness, so that is pretty awesome as well! It also helps reduce blood pressure!

In addition to that, garlic helps improve cholesterol levels, which helps lower the risk of health disease! There are so many more benefits, too! Garlic also has antioxidants that help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia! Another benefit garlic has is that it helps detoxify heavy metals from the body! How amazing is that!! Something that most people love to eat help us internally in so many ways! Although we will probably smell like garlic! Hahah

Although there are people out there that do not really like garlic, maybe seeing the benefits will allow them to give garlic another try! One place that I LOVE to go to here in Los Angeles is the Stinking Rose restaurant – but there is one in San Francisco as well! All of their food, EVEN THE DESSERT, contains garlic! My favorite is the mushroom ravioli! So amazing and delicious! Oh, and their shrimp is even better! Like honestly, I rarely like seafood but when I come here, the shrimp is a must! (if you’ve been here – what is your favorite dish?)

There are so many dishes you can make with garlic! I would say mine is garlic chicken or garlic fries! What are yours?

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  1. You never said anything about the smelly breath. 🙂
    If you’ve never eaten raw garlic, I say try it! It’s much spicier than you’d expect.


  2. I’m definitely one of those people getting far more than one clove’s worth of nutrients whenever I cook garlic! haha 🙂 Great post, thanks for sharing the benefits to this delicious fave of mine!


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