What are Chia Seeds?

They are seeds of salvia hispanica, that is a plant that is in the mind family from central America.

Benefits of Chia Seeds?

Chia seeds have so many health benefits – they’re actually one of the top healthiest foods! Even though you eat a small amount, they hold so many nutrients! They have a great amount of fiber, protein, fat, calcium, magnesium, and so much more! In addition, they also have a good amount of vitamins, potassium, and zinc!

Another amazing thing about chia seeds is…. they have so much antioxidants! What’s good about antioxidants? They fight free radicals…which means they damage the cells that help contribute to aging and diseases like cancer!

Carbs– So, one good thing about chia seeds is that it has so much fiber. I believe one ounce of chia seeds has 12 grams of carbs…I know, I know, that does not sound pleasant when you’re trying to be healthy…but 11 of those grams ARE FIBER! So, HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?

Because of all the protein and fiber, there is a chance that chia seeds can help with weight loss! You’re probably wonder ‘uhh..how do these seeds help with weight loss?’ well – I am here to explain it to ya! So, when you eat chia seeds and a lot of water, the seeds expand in your stomach which will give you a fullness..so I am assuming if you’re full, you’ll eat less! Now, it’s not proven to help with weight loss, but it’s just something that can help your journey (as long as you’re exercising and eating healthy and all that).

Chia Seeds have so many more benefits than that I have written- so if you have any other question about chia seeds, please ask me! I would love to help!


How to eat chia seeds?

There are way too many ways to eat chia seeds, you can just put it in water for a little while and drink it (a hint – add some rosewater in there), add it in your smoothies, pudding, salads (throw it in the dressing), and some baked goods and jelly/jams! You can also make smoothies bowls and/or acai bowls and sprinkle it on top! (photos below)



Do you incorporate chia seeds in your daily diet? If so – how do you eat it?

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