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Craving a delicious sub? I have one word: Cricca’s. It is located in Los Angeles, The San Fernando Valley. It is somewhat a little whole in the wall, but those are the best spots! and the best part? It is family owned!!

This place is honestly where I go whenever I want a sub. It’s truly that amazing. I usually get the turkey, but if I am feeling wild, I get pastrami or turkey & pastrami, and def get it on toasted bread – FULLY LOADED. They also have the best PANINIS! The bread is perfectly toasted, the cheese is perfectly melted, and the flavors burst perfectly in your mouth!

Not only do they sell subs, but they also have the best sides and salads EVER. Like honestly, when you want something with flavor, this is where you gotta go!

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They also have DESSERT!!! I am not a cannoli perfect, but I tried this once and OMG it was so good. I always tell people that love cannoli’s to come by here, and they always thank me for it cause its so good! Def a place to go!



I would say that if you are in LA or are going to visit LA – this is a spot to try out. They also have the best voodoo chips that like, nowhere has out here. It pairs perfect with the sub. Oh, and their menu is HUGE!

To follow Cricca’s on IG – CLICK HERE

To check out their menu – CLICK HERE – good luck making a decision lol


Where is your favorite sub place – anywhere in the US?

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