How Can You Actually Grow Your Social Media? Mostly Instagram?

Social media is something that is constantly growing, changing, and making you mad. So many people are growing while you are stuck. Well, I am here to help! So many people have asked me how they can grow their social media or mostly their Instagram, so I thought I would do a post to help others in need. So – how can I help you actually grow your social media? I have been following so many people, taking classes, and doing my own research on it, so I want to be able to give you everything I have learned to help you grow your social media, but mostly on Instagram.

Whether you are a blogger, influencer, business owner, I am here to help you on how you can actually grow your social media!

Algorithms are constantly changing – whether it is Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc… they are literally always changing. If you like one photo or click on one link rather than the other, it changes YOUR algorithm. So, let’s dig a little deeper. Basically, whatever you click or watch, the algorithm picks it up as something you like seeing – showing you more of that. Basically, they show you what you want/like, so eventually when they show you ads, they already know what you like/want and you will buy from them. When it comes to social media, we are the consumers – the people using the apps.

Let’s get into how we can grow our Instagram pages. It was so easy to use Instagram before it was bought by Facebook – hashtags actually worked, the photos we saw were actually posted at that moment and not moved around by popularity, and we were able to see what the people we were following were doing which allowed us to see really cool profiles! And ever since Facebook has taken over, it has literally gone to shit and every month or so, something changes and we have to learn how to use the app all over again.

Well, I am here to help you! Let’s start off by what I already told you – depending on what you like and view longer, the algorithm picks that up and shows that on your feed. Ex: If your followers are mostly people that post photos of the beach and like photos of the beach, and you post photos of your outfit, it will most likely (90%) not show on their feed! That is why not everyone sees your posts – it does not align with that they like and what their interests are. I have tried this so many times and experimented, and it is actually true! Basically, you have to cater and post to what your followers are interested in, in order for them to see it – unless they turn on your notifications. I posted a photo with a caption on how you can tell your followers about that – this way, you will show more on their feed! Read my caption by clicking here.

Now, let’s get to hashtags. The worst rollercoaster of them all. You can use hashtags one day and get over 1k reach from hashtags, and then the next day get like 100 reach from hashtags. I don’t think anyone actually knows how to use hashtags since it’s always changing, but some things that I have learned and seen – always use different hashtags from the last few photos, use a few huge hashtags (that have a lot of people posting with them), some with like 500k to 100k, and then a few smaller hashtags, and make sure they are relevant to your photo! If you have an outfit photo, don’t use hashtags about photography or sunsets or the beach, use the ootd, outfit, blah blah hashtags (this is also help you get more on the explore page).

I know a lot of people have also noticed that you see a lot more changes when Instagram pushes something new out – let’s talk about Reels. Reels suck, yes, but when Instagram has something new USE IT. If there is a feature on instagram, use it. Instagram favors those that use everything they have. The stickers on stories? Use it – more people with somehow view it. Reels? Use it. IGTV? Use it. Instagram wants us to be their robots and use everything they have! By doing so, they will push more of your content to your followers and allow more people to view it! Utilize everything instagram has to offer. Try to also post the most engaging content so your followers will spend more time on your photos/profile – like I mentioned, the algorithm sees this and shows them more of what they like, if that’s your photos/profile, they will bump your posts on their feed!

Another thing is to post consistently! If you are posting every day, stick to that! If you are posting 3 times a week, stick to that! I actually had enough content for a period of time to post everyday and my engagement went a lot higher, than I ran out and stopped and now I post on random days and my engagement SUCKS haha. But – I will try to get back on track.

Also, if you are a blogger or influencer, something helpful is to put your ‘job’ in your name headline. Like Sharleen – Lifestyle Blogger. That way when people search on instagram from a lifestyle blogger, you have a chance of showing up and they can check you out!

Some Do Nots

If you are in engagement groups – be SUPER careful with them! Instagram tracks groups that use emojis, the words New or New photo, and more. Something I do in the couple of groups that I am in – just describe the photo. A Selfie? Just say selfie time! Having brunch in your photo? Brunch time – something simple that does not trigger instagram. If caught, instagram will purposely lower your engagement and all you will get is the likes and comments of the people in that group and maybe 5 more.

Another no-no is to NEVER use third party apps. Do NOT use the apps to see who unfollows you, who blocked you, blah blah. If it is not from instagram, they WILL ban your instagram account – and I have seen people that were unable to get it back and had to start a new profile and start all over. Rather be safe than sorry! Just go through your list and see who unfollows you, and if you do that, be sure to not unfollow too many people at once, IG will see that as a bot and block your account.

As of right now – this is all I know. I hope it helps you grow your page! If you have any questions – do not hesitate to reach out to me! Either comment below or DM me on instagram! I am here to support and help you in any way that I can!

You can head over to my IG by clicking here. Let’s be friends!

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