How Has Your Blogging Career Changed in the Last Year?


I am in so many blogging groups and support groups for growth, that a lot of people have asked me how my blogging career changed in the last year. And let me tell you – SO MUCH has changed in the last year, even in the past few months if we’re being honest.

If you read the past two posts I made, how I got into blogging and toughest part about being a blogger,  then I’m sure you have a little bit of an understanding of the small things that changed on this journey. If you haven’t, click those links and start reading and come back haha!


During the past year, SO MUCH has happened and changed. May 2019, I lost my job. I decided to start my own company, but after I put in all the work, got help from amazing people, put in months of work, and literally finished every little thing that needs to be done, I decided it was not the right time for this. So, I started looking for a job – no where was really hiring for a recruiter, and I did not want to go into another staffing agency, in-house recruiting positions only, but like I said, there was nothing. So, I decided to start working on my blog, as I kept looking a job.

As I got more into blogging, reading other blogs, getting advice from other bloggers, and getting the help I needed, I realized I actually really enjoyed sharing my stories (and I hope you’re all enjoying reading my stories). I put more and more into my blog, got my real domain and have begun! Before, I only did like a post every 1-3 months, and I realized that’s not working out. I am being more consistent, being more active, supporting other bloggers, helping them with that I know (would never give false information), and just learning day-by-day. And here we are, after being productive and consistent, 2 months later I hit 1k views!!!!! I didn’t even know that was a huge accomplishment, but so many people are wondering how to hit 1k views and how to get there. I realized it’s a pretty big milestone in the blogging world and I am so happy to have hit it!


So basically, in the last year, my blogging career has changed by 1. Starting a blogging career, 2. Putting my all in it, 3. Learning more and more everyday about blogging and other 3rd parties I can be using, 4. How many other bloggers actually will help and support you! and 5. Being active and consistent actually works!


I really hope this has helped you in a way, any way! How has your blogging career changed in the last year? I would honestly love to know!


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4 thoughts on “How Has Your Blogging Career Changed in the Last Year?

  1. That’s so awesome, I love hearing about others’ blogging journeys. Good on you for taking initiative and starting something you love! x

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