I have heard a lot of people go back and forth about whether or not matcha is actually good for you. With the ton of research I did, I found that the main downside of matcha is that if you have too much of it and overdue it, the green tea can cause some side effects. Some of those side effects are headaches, insomnia, diarrhea, heartburn, and irritability. And now, we get to the good stuff.

What Is Matcha?

Matcha is a high-grade green tea that is grounded into powdered form.

Health Benefits Of Matcha?

Matcha has so many health benefits! It is packed with antioxidants – including the powerful EGCg – which is is thought to reduce inflammation, aid weight loss, and help prevent heart and brain disease. It also boosts metabolism and burns calories, calms the mind and relaxes the body, and enhances mood and aids in concentration (caffeine will do that to ya!).

In addition to all those amazing thing, matcha also detoxifies your body effectively and naturally, which is super beneficial to the body. While it detoxes, it is also filling your body with fiber, chlorophyll, and vitamins – and, provides vitamin C, zinc, and magnesium.

How To Eat/Drink Matcha?

The most simple thing to do with matcha is pour some in hot water, and use the matcha whisk or something else and mix it up! My favorite is to get almond milk, honey, and matcha and mix it in a blender – I call it a matcha latte and its delicious!

The more pure the matcha, the better! I get my matcha from MatchaSense that you can purchase here. It’s pure and tastes wonderful!

There are to many ways to use matcha, make cookies, drinks, other desserts, food etc…



How do you use matcha?



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