Being a female / woman, we grow up carrying bags or purses. And we always have junk in there, and we all know it is all receipts. We use our bags to hold so many items, even our partners things, as well! But for me, I have a few must haves that I must carry in my bag!

One of the TOP important things I always carry in my bag is my Final Products. I got their metal straw first, and fell in love! Every time I got a drink, I did not need to waste more plastic than necessary. They then made their spork and fork, and I knew I had to get them as well. They have little key chain things, so when I got all 3 of them together, I put them in a loop and tossed it in my bag! I do not need to use any plastic forks or spoons, I have the metal ones! And the best part is that they are foldable so they barely take any room in my bag! Honestly, check them out and purchase it! Save the turtles! haha

We all carry wallets, and I learned the best way to be somewhat organized is to only have a card holder. I have something similar to this, but it has less holders – I think just two (2) pockets on each side, and one in the middle. This allows me to not have to worry about something big and bulky to be in my bag. It’s nice and small, does not take out too much room, I know where everything is, and it’s just great! And when I go out and need to pay, guess what … – I do not have to shuffle through a huge wallet looking for a specific card. It is just right there. It is honestly just so convenient. And I think Kate Spade is having a sale where this one is only 25 bucks! (No, I don’t have an affiliate code or anything with any of these brands).

Another must have I carry in my bag, is a small planner! Just to keep me in track of what needs to be done that day, where I have to go, etc… If you end up hanging out with friends and make plans, you will know when you can and can’t. It is just something that helps me stay organized and plan ahead without any hassle. I honestly think you should carry a small planner in your bag, too! It really does help! Just make sure you have a pen as well!

Also, just some random must haves are just the basic chapstick, portable charger for my phone, and business cards. I always carry my business cards in case I need to give it to someone for meeting someone or to work with someone. There are so many things you can carry in your bag, and I would love to know what you carry in yours!

What are your top items you carry in your bag/purse?

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