What Is The Next Vacation You’d Like To Take?

I have traveled to many places, both in the states and international. I can not really choose a favorite – each place is amazing and fun in its own way! I think one of the best beaches I have been to was in Greece, on Mykonos. The water was so clear and hot and the weather was so amazing. I would definitely go back! But – I also loved when I went to Spain! I shopped too much in Barcelona, as well as went to an island called Formentera! They had pink sand there! It was so amazing. The water was clear there as well, and I saw little fishys around my feet!


Types of Traveling

There are so many ways you can travel! Depending on your destination – you can drive your own car (or rent a car), travel by bus, train, and plane! There is also walking! But I like doing that once I am in my destination and want to explore! I have done all of these types of traveling, and I can’t really say which one is my favorite, I think it really depends on where I am, who I am with, as well as what I am needing to do! As mentioned, if I want to explore, I will be walking for sure! If I am trying to get from one city to another, I would probably take a bus or drive myself (again, depending on where I am!). I usually do enjoy the bus/train just because I am on the ground and someone else is driving, so I have free hands to take photos and just look outside of the window and see everything!

Traveling Now?

So much has changed due to the virus – people are not traveling. The virus has put a halt on everything, although you can still take road trips! As long as you are in your own car, that is the safest. I am guessing that even when the pandemic is over (if ever) everything will still be different. The air in planes will still need to be extra filtered. But I do wonder, would people still have to wear masks when being in enclosed areas with others for long periods of time? I guess this is something we would have to wait and see – probably about a year or so!

So, something a lot of people do not know about me is that as much as I love to travel, I get major anxiety when I fly. It’s so bad, to the point where I make sure I have those bags in case I throw up. (ew I know). And if I was to travel by plane now (which I might be), I do not know how I am going to be calm with my breathing when I have to wear a mask, which is giving me even more anxiety. I want to be able to travel but with these masks, it is super tough. And I know people say travel only if you have to, but this is kind of 50/50.

Whether it’s not or after the pandemic, what is the next vacation you would like to take? And by which type of transportation?

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9 thoughts on “What Is The Next Vacation You’d Like To Take?

  1. I would like to go to Greece or Switzerland. Both countries are so beautiful and since you talk about the beach in Mykonos I’ll check on that.

    Great info and the photos are lovely!

  2. great read. I was planning on going back to Greece. I think I’ll leave that until next year!

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