There are so many types of healing crystals out there – from amethyst to citrine, to clear quartz to jasper! There is a crystal for just about anything and everything you are looking for. When I first got into crystals a few years back, I knew nothing about them, just an idea. Although, I am still always learning about them. It is why I decided to start my own online store selling jewelry and crystals (and crystal jewelry) – but we will get into that later!

I wanted to write this post for those that want to get into crystals or have just begun getting into crystals, and wanted to help explain some of them. We can start with a few of my favorites and get into the ones that I am still learning about! Also – THIS DOES NOT MEAN THESE CRYSTALS WILL ACTUALLY HEAL YOU – IF NEEDED, GO SEE A DOCTOR!


Amethyst is a purple stone that contains properties of protection, healing, and purifying. It is said that it can actually help you get rid of negative thoughts and bring on more wisdom. In addition, it is also said that amethyst also helps sleep – so if you are one who suffers from insomnia, this can help. With that, amethyst can also help boost hormone production and help calm your pain and stress.


The turquoise crystal is a blue shade. It is said that it can help heal the mind, body, and soul. It has a type of luck that helps balance your emotions while you are on your spiritual journey.


Obsidian is one of my favorites! It is a really protective stone that helps protect you from physical and emotional negativity. It is said that obsidian helps get fid of emotional blockage and promote strength, clarity, and compassion to help find the true you. As for physical benefits, it helps aid in digestion and detoxification.


Citrine brings joy and enthusiasm to your life. It helps release negative traits like fear, and helps boost your optimist, motivation, and clarity! It also helps promote creativity and concentration.

These are just a few of my top crystals that I love and always have nearby. With that being said, there are many ways you can re-charge and cleanse your crystals. The easiest way to cleanse is to just run them under running water for about one minute. Make sure you have them under the water one at a time as well as letting them go so all negativity attached to is can get washed away. Another way is to sage your crystals!

A way to charge them is to place them under a full moon! In addition to that, if you have moon water, you can also charge your crystals with that! BUT!!!!!! When using this method, please make sure these crystals are ones that can get wet. A simple way to charge your crystals, if you have selenite, is to just place them on top of it! You do have to leave them on selenite for at least 6 hours. This is one of my top favorite ways to charge my crystals.

Selenite comes in so many forms – bowls, boards, etc… It is one of the best crystals. It promotes peace and calmness, it clears any blocked energy in your surroundings, and increases positive energy! Who does not love those benefits!

Some other crystals to check out are clear quartz, rose quartz, tigers eye, agate, black tourmaline, hematite, black onyx, and so much more!

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3 thoughts on “Which Crystals Are Best For Me?

  1. I love it! Thank you for sharing this article. I super love crystals they always help me ignite the energy to my highest self. They’re simply amazing and fabulously beautiful.

  2. To be honest, I am very sceptical about the health benefits stones. I have heard about wearing certain stones or copper in jewelry for balancing energy. But your jewelry pieces are beautiful and are great 🎁 pieces for love ones.

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