Corkcicle – One of the best bottle brands I’ve had!

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I have been working with Corkcicle for many years, and honestly, i LOVE their products. They have everything from drinks, cooler bags, lunch boxes, and a bunch more accessories! They have so many fun things and honestly, if you’re looking for anything for the everyday – outdoorsy stuff, I’m sure Corkcicle will have it!

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One of the first items I got to try is the classic canteen. I’ve had this for many years, still works amazingly, keeps my drinks ice cold (when I put ice in them), and is the perfect size – it fits in my cars cupholder. The lid is twisted, which makes it leak-proof. Because it has triple layer insulation, it allows the drink to stay cool for like, over 25 hours, and yes I tried it and it’s true, and it is a wide-mouth which allows you to put ice in it! It really is amazing.

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Another one of the products I got is the classic tumbler. I used this mostly for my hot drinks, I’m not sure why but maybe it’s because of the lid – the lid is also a shatter-proof crystal clear lid, I haven’t dropped it so I don’t know how shatter proof it is. I have had my tea stay hot in here for SO MANY hours. Because this is also triple insulated, it also keeps drinks hot for over 3 hours (and yes, it’s true), and cool for over 9 hours. If you’re a hot coffee drinker, I would advice you to get this one!

An item I recently received is the hybrid canteen. This is for the people that DO NOT like drinking out of metal — it’s glass! The bottom part of the glass bottle is thinner, and has a twisty on it so you can twist it into the metal part and still get the long lasting cold drink! The lid is also wide mouth so you’re able to put the ice cubes in it! Now, I’m sure you’re thinking that if the bottom is smaller, how much water does it hold — I am not sure to be honest, but you can always refill it when you’re done. It is still a good amount!

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THIS RIGHT HERE – IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES!!! The sport canteen. This one comes in both 20oz and 40oz. Of course, I got the 40oz because I need to drink more water. Those that know me, know I really only drink from straws… Before I got this, I used to put a straw in the classic canteen (ew plastic, I KNOW), but then I started using the metal straws and NOW I HAVE this bad boy! It’s so much easier to drink my water. I’ve been better at staying hydrated thanks to this. The only negative about this is that because I got the 40oz, it is HUGE. It doesn’t fit my any cupholder, when I drive I have to either throw it in the back seat (if someone’s in the passenger seat) or let the bottle have the whole passenger seat lol. It has a hook at the top too so it’s easy to hold when you’re walking. And, for the most part, it is leak-proof… unless water gets stuck in the straw area and when you close it, it doesn’t go back in the bottle. But whatever, more pros than cons! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE SPORT CANTEEN!!!


They have so many other accessories and fun stuff too! They have stemless canteens, where you can pour some wine in, and champaign flutes. They have amazing bags and lunchboxes, and ice trays, metal straws, cleaners, cigar glasses, whiskey wedge glass, and just so much more. 

Just go to their website by clicking HERE — and the sooner the better because they have a lot of products on SALE! And, who doesn’t love a good sale.

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What is your favorite product you use when on the go for drinks? Comment below – let’s chat about it!

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  1. I love those products! I’m really glad I could read through the different types and learn what a great company they are! thanks for such an in depth review!

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