I know I usually post on Wednesday’s, but at a time like this, I figured a couple days early would do good. I have had a lot of people reach out to me and ask me how I am staying calm during all of this Corona Virus stuff. I figured, instead of telling everyone individually – here are some tips!


So, many people already have anxiety, and at a time like this, their anxiety levels are through the roof. I have heard so many things on how to cope with anxiety, and having anxiety myself here and there, I have tried a lot of ways to handle myself. Some of these might not be for everyone, so if it doesn’t work for you, do not try to stick with it, just move on and try something else until you find what helps you.

  • When you feel your anxiety, take deep breaths and remember where you are and who you are with. If you’re somewhere uncomfortable, close your eyes and imagine being elsewhere. Or just leave.
  • Especially at a time like this, limit yourself to caffeine and alcohol! They cause even more anxiety, have some decaf tea – chamomile is one of my top favorites!
  • Eat balanced meals, stay hydrated, and drink more water than sodas and juices. Keeping your body healthy and as clean as possible helps your mental health, too.
  • And one of my favorites, I count from 100 to 1, and 1 to 100, depending on how long it takes me to calm down. Similar to this, if you have an anxiety attack is happening, look around you and name 3-4 things you see outline. I.E – a tree, a car, people walking, a statue, anything. It will help keep you grounded and remind you that you are okay.

mental-health-2019924_1920 During this time, this whole Covid-19 crisis, being quarantined and social distancing yourself, for some people it is very hard. Especially with work out for some people, kids not going to school, and being home with your children, a lot of people get more stressed and don’t know how to deal with this change. I am here to tell you that everything is going to be okay. I know it can be hard, change, different routines, and not having an income (depending on your job), but it’s best to think about the positive in all of this. You are home with your child(ren) – teach them things – teach them to be organized and how to clean their room, how to iron, things they don’t learn in school. Teach them to cook their favorite meals, make a cookbook with them, just think of fun activities! If their older than that, cuddle up on the couch and watch both of your favorite movies, watch a new show, play new games – there are so many things you can do and bond with your families at a time like this. I know, the struggle is about income and money, BUT you can go on the EDD website and learn how you can get money during times like this. You can also take this time off of work on how to make money on the side! Work on a business you’ve been dreaming about starting, do research on how to start it, learn how to build your blog (if you’re a blogger) – there are just so many things you can do! And have some fun. That is the most important, with everything going on, it is best to have fun, make the best of this moment, video chat your friends to keep in touch!

mental-health-3285630_1280Not only is everything hectic with this Corona Virus, but the weather has been sucking, too! Do at home workouts, squats, push-ups, yoga, meditate,  and drink lots of water.

If you’re worried about someone, just check-in with them. You can still call people. And if someone you know is at higher risk of this virus and they need something, and you’re at a lower risk, go out and get what you need before this quarantine stuff gets worse. Do the shopping you need to, wear gloves, wash your hands a lot, and be safe. If you have symptoms, then stay home – and I hope that every one listens to this.


Be safe – have fun – reach out with any questions.


How are you coping during all of this? Comment below – would love to hear your ideas.


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