I went to Mexico for the first time in July! I went for a Bachelorette party, and it was so much fun! We went to Tulum and Playa Del Carmen! It was such a wonderful time, but the only problem was that they have a seaweed problem so we were unable to go into the ocean.


Our first stop was Tulum. It was a cute little area, great people, and wonderful food. You’re able to walk up and down the street and go to bars/clubs and all the hotels and restaurants.  The hotel we stayed at had the beach as the backyard, so that was wonderful. As well as it coming with free breakfast.


While staying in Tulum, the food was just so wonderful! There were a lot of restaurants on the beach, massages on the beach, and we even ran into a HUGE iguana! it was really cute.

In addition to the food, there were a lot of Cenote’s (caves) that we could have went into and swam, and there was a lot of ancient ruins/pyramids. We went to one of the Cenote’s and we swam with fish and bats (the cave was underground) and we went to the Coba ancient ruins! (I didn’t climb the Coba cause I was too lazy to go all the way up there and heights kinda freak me out).


Playa Del Carmen

So, our hotel in Playa Del Carmen was all inclusive, but of course, the food was whatever. They had a pool that had a sushi bar and a drink bar, which was pretty great cause we could drink in the pool, eat sushi and get back in, nice life.


Because we wanted to go to the beach and there was the seaweed problem, we spent a day in CozuMel, and the water there was truly beautiful. The weather was great, water was warm, and again, great food on the beach! We all got our tan on and we even went SNORKELING! I had never been snorkeling so it was truly an amazing experience. We swam with fish, saw turtles and a lot of amazing plants and sea urchins.

We took one night and went to CocoBongo, and that was such an amazing time! We all wore wigs and were on the big screen a lot! There was great people and great music. Coco Bongo is a club, but they also put on shows! They play out scenes from movies and shows, then during their break, they play music and the party starts! If you ever go to Mexico, be sure to go to Coco Bongo!


Of the two towns I went to, I had fun at both! Tulum was more of a relaxing vacation and Playa Del Carmen was more touristy and loud. There was more shopping and food and walking around. I do recommend going to both, just depending on what you are looking for!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out! I would love to give you more information about the towns and help you on your next trip!



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