Which Products Do You Travel With?

When it comes to traveling, I wish I can take my whole bathroom with me! But of course, I need room for all the unnecessary clothes I think I am going to wear, and never do. You know, those clothes that you literally never wear at home but you think you’re going to wear them on vacation? Yeah, those take up like, 80% of my suitcases when I travel. So, the products I travel with are something that are important for me – I have to pack products that will take care of me and you know, make me feel good when I take photos!

Anyway – there are so many products I want to take with me, so before I pack them, I alway think to myself, where am I going? How is the weather there? Is there a time difference? With that, I kind of knock out the other products that would not really do me any good. And, because I am an ‘influencer’, a lot of brands send me their products to try, so you know I have way too many products to either take with me or to just try – like why open a new toner when I already have one that I am currently using? I have to finish the first one to move onto the next.

So – When I ask myself those question – most of the time I am going somewhere that is a long flight and time difference. My eyes will get dark circles so I usually pack my Pixi BeautifEYE patches. (photo below, click it to head over to the website. No affiliate link is linked). This honestly saves my eyes. I use it all the time at home, too, but it’s one of my must haves when traveling! It honestly makes my eyes feels refreshed!

Another one of my must takes are my toner! It does not dry my face, so I know wherever I am going, this will work out for me! It smells nice, leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean, and it comes in travel size as well! It does not break me out whenever I travel, which is usually a huge issue. My skin is super sensitive and is always switching up on me when I leave Los Angeles, so this toner really saves my butt! (Again, click the photo to go to the website, no affiliate link is attached).

One of my must must must take with me items are these hydrating face wipes. It is honestly so perfect – smells amazing, takes my make up off, and leaves my skin feeling clean and hydrated and ready for bed. Derma E has some amazing products, and they are Vegan and Cruelty free, so that is a plus! When I tried these wipes, I really fell in love with them. If you are looking for facial wipes – try these. You will not regret them! Whether the weather is hot and dry, or humid, these wipes really never let me down. They always take care of me and my face, and it’s one of those items I constantly have to buy over and over. (again, click photo to go to link, no affiliate link is attached).

And then, of course, my must haves are my make up that I use all the time. I use the Laura Mercier liquid foundation and the BareMinerals loose powder. Then, it really depends on my blushes and mascaras and such.

I also take facial lotion and hand lotion, but depending on which one I have – I am not too picky with those when traveling. I just pack whatever I am using at the moment at home – again, my skin is super sensitive so I do not want to keep going back and forth with products when traveling.

Just curious – leave a comment on some must take products when traveling! I would love to learn about what you take with you!

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