Stress… How Do you Deal with it?

I have heard about a lot of way to relieve stress. People say to meditate, workout, do yoga, try to relax, etc… But I feel like there are more ways than just those.

There is a lot going on, barely have time to do anything, just working and in my spare time, I spend it with my loved ones… I don’t really have me time. I am trying to think outside of the box, but I just go back to meditation and yoga. It works a little, but there is only so many times I can just sit and meditate (lol).


What are some of the ways you deal with stress? I would love some new ideas!

Comment below 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Stress… How Do you Deal with it?

  1. Yes, definitely People say right that meditation , yoga etc. Thing use to get ride of stress . Generally stress in body is due to mainly because of mental Tiredness is because of lots of work , continue do something without any rest and many more , to avoid this type of habit to Constraint stress in body , also walk in nature , swimming , Take shower may reduce it

  2. I guess this works, take a walk amongst nature. Mindfulness meditation works too. Take a break from family and friends. It’s not that you don’t love them enough but you need you. You give only what you have. You have you, a healthy you is a healthy family and friends. I wish you well.

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