Austin & Fort Hood, Texas


So, I went to Texas! It was so great. I do think it was too short though, I went from Saturday to Monday — wish I had more time.


My sister and I landed in Austin, and my cousin picked us up! We went to our hotel, dropped our thangs off, and went to explore! I don’t remember what the restaurant was called, but WOW was their chicken sandwich amazing.



We went to Barton Springs on a gloomy day, but we had to. Unfortunately, the water was FREEZING. I did not go all the way in because of the coldness, but my feet sure did feel refreshed afterwards. It was really beautiful, there was a dam, and it was great watching all of the kids playing around and swimming.



Fort Hood


My cousin is in the Army and is currently stationed in Fort Hood. There was absolutely nothing to do out there. It’s in the middle of nowhere, but we did go to Target and Walmart, lol. & COSTCO! Omg, their Costco had so many amazing things that our locations did not! I was in heaven. I did go somewhere, again, forgot the name, and ate a brisket sandwich. It was pretty bomb!



We went back to Austin and did some shopping. Had some amazing ice cream, took some cute pictures, and bought a lot of gifts and candy!

I want to go back to Texas, but this time go to Dallas or Houston! Explore more of the state!


Have you ever been to Texas? What is your favorite city?



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