I was given the opportunity to go ahead and try AQUIS – the prime starter kit. It comes with a water defense prewash, rebalancing hair wash, a rapid dry lisse hair turban, and a restorative leave-in conditioner. It’s easy to use and really makes your hair stronger.

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 11.39.32 AMThe first step is the water defense prewash. With this, you spray your dry hair until it is damp, and let it sit for a couple of minutes before you get in the shower to wash it off. It reduces your hairs swelling by 46% and maintains your hair’s natural pH balance, which allows your hair to be frizz-free and strong.

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The second step is the prime rebalancing hair wash. It is basically shampoo, BUT this hair wash is gentle, which does not strip your hair and protects its pH balance. With this, it allows your hair to keep its strength. The formula is plant-derived which keeps your hair smooth and reduces tangles and frizz and leaves your hair looking smooth, shiny, and hydrated!

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The third step is the wrap your hair in the rapid dry hair turbanI got the emerald color, as shown in the photo). It works so wonderfully. It cuts the hair drying time by about 50%! So I don’t have to fry my hair by blowdrying it. And wrapping it in this material helps your hair not become frizzy and does not damage your hair or cause split ends! AQUIS has a couple of different types of these hair turbans for different hair styles and lengths. This one is good for straight, curly or wavy hair with a length of short to medium!

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 11.40.31 AMThe fourth step is the leave-in conditioner. Once you take your hair out of the turban, it will still be a little damp. That is when you spray this amazing conditioner. This conditioner helps your hair detangle and restore the natural pH. And the best part, it is SO lightweight. It makes your hair feel so good, strong, and shiny. It is one of the best!


I am grateful I got to try AQUIS out. My hair feels stronger than ever, and still silky smooth and not dried out. I literally wear my hair turban every time I get out of the shower, and it’s dried in no time. The only downfall I found FOR ME, because everyone’s hair is different, is that the leave-in conditioner does make my hair more oily. My hair is usually oily any way, like, I can shower in the morning and by like 10 pm and night it’ll start showing the oiliness lol – so this product doesn’t help that, but when I do not use the leave-in conditioner, my hair is the same!


I posted a video on my instagram of me doing all 4 of the steps, so feel free to check it out by clicking here – It is an IGTV video.

CLICK HEREto go to the AQUIS website and check out all of their products!

What are some of your favorite hair products? Are you super picky when using new products?

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