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Living in Los Angeles, you run into a lot of models, actresses, actors and bloggers/influencers.  It was a couple of months ago that I was at a local sandwich shop and I see Danielle Fishel walk in…. You guys don’t understand. I turned red, my heart was beating super fast, and my hands got sweaty…it’s not every day you run into TOPANGA LAWRENCE!

I texted my sister and told her, as I am eating, we are both freaking out… she got her food, she was eating. I said to myself ‘if she’s still eating by the time I leave, I am not going to bother her.’ Luckily she finished before me (I was with a friend and she came late so I was there a while).

So, she was getting up and I asked for a photo and BOOM! I MET TOPANGA FROM BOY MEETS WORLD! She was so sweet, I told her how I watched her growing up and how I was going to make my caption on instagram that I met Topanga on Topanga (cyn) – actually where her character was named after.

ANYWAY – a month or so later, I saw that she came out with her own shampoo/conditioner/scalp refresh. I had to email her and see if she remembers me and if she wanted me to do a review…and guess what.. SHE REMEMBERED ME! I got my package a couple days later and HERE WE ARE!


I got my package, and instantly opened them because I have a problem with smelling things…they smelled SO GOOD! At first, I was weirded out because it is fragrance free, but then I read the ingredients and realized that it’s the healthy stuff making it smell so good!

This product is vegan, sulfate free, and does not have parabens. My hair gets super oily, like I’ll shower in the morning and by the night it’s already shining, so I am hesitatant about using new things…but let me tell you, after using this product, both shampoo and conditioner, and adding some scalp refresher in when I dry my hair, my hair does not get THAT oily any more!! I am seriously so obsessed with it, and I can’t wait to finish this so I can purchase more! It feels good knowing you’re using something that is actually healthy for YOU, doesn’t hurt the animals, and doesn’t have any of that junk stuff you can’t pronounce.

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What are some of the things you look at when purchasing new hair products?

Are you picky? Or just grab whatever?

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