Okay, one thing that I LOVE is basil. Little did I know, that basil actually has a lot of  health benefits! In addition, it tastes delicious and you can use it to spice up any meal!

What is Basil?

Well, for starters, it’s a leaf (lol). Its native regions are central Africa to Southeast Asia. It’s a plant – a tasty plant, used in so many different types of food.

Health Benefits of Basil?

Ready for all the health benefits of basil? ‘Cause I didn’t even know basil had this many benefits! So, just some basic stuff – it helps with colds, especially stuffy noses. In some way, it opens the nasal passages from inflammation. (interesting, right?) In addition, basil has nutrients as well! It has calcium, vitamin K, and a whole lot of antioxidants!

Did you also know that antioxidants help remove stress?? So basically, stress, in some way, damages stress, so in addition to antioxidants helping with stress, it helps not damage your cells and helps avoid diseases – like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and others!

Basil also helps support liver health! Like mentioned, it helps fight cancer, it also helps anti-aging on your skin! It also helps reduce high blood sugar, support cardiovascular health, and it boosts mental health! In addition to helping with stress, it helps with anxiety and depression – it increases the ability to think and reason, prevent memory loss, and improve sleep and sex issues that are stress-related. Basil also helps with inflammation and and swelling and helps fight infections!

How to eat basil

I love basil – so I can even eat it plain. But, a top meal is a Caprese. Some mozzarella cheese, tomato, basil, and balsamic vinaigrette! SO GOOD

You can also put it in your pho (I’m sure you already knew that), you can make a pasta with basil in it, and also, a lime basil pie? (I haven’t tried it, but open to it). You can throw it in lasagna, salads, chicken, fish, & so much more! The options are really endless! And the best? You can make cocktails with it! Some fruits, jams … I can just keep going!





How do you eat basil? Do you use it to spice up your meals?


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