So- I’m sure a lot of you know that turmeric has a lot of benefits. I’m Middle Eastern, so growing up, I incorporated turmeric in just about every one of my dishes, without even knowing how good it is for you.

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric is a plant, of the ginger family (I didn’t know that) – and like ginger, we use the roots.

Health Benefits of Turmeric?

Turmeric has a lot of benefits. The top reason people use turmeric in their diet is because of the anti-inflammatory factor it holds – so if you have arthritis, you should definitely speak with your doctor about incorporating turmeric into your diet – you can cook it with food or take pill.

More benefits that turmeric help with liver function and helps aid in your digestion. In addition, turmeric has a chemical in it, called curcumin that helps with cold symptoms like sneezing, fevers, runny nose, and congestion. Another benefit of curcumin is that if you’re on antidepressant medication, it can help reduce symptoms of depression (partnering with your meds).

Side Effects of Turmeric?

Alright everyone – we know that if something is super good for you, there are some bad to it, too. I’m here to tell you some of the side effects turmeric can have.

So for some people, especially with a super sensitive stomach, turmeric can actually upset your stomach. I read during my research that if you take a lot of turmeric, it can irritate your digestion – so be sure to take a good amount so it can help with digestion. I also read that for some people, turmeric can thin your blood and make you bleed more easily – no one knows why but they said their thinking it’s the way it blends with your blood. But if you barely take turmeric and want to start taking it – please consult with your doctor to know how much you should take.


How to eat Turmeric?

Well, like I mentioned, I incorporate turmeric in my food ALL THE TIME. I get the powdered turmeric and literally put it in all my foods – eggs in the morning? I put oil in the pan and put turmeric and mix it with the oil, and pour my eggs in there! Literally – that easy. & so many places have it, I get mine from Costco.

In addition, you can make soup and teas! – I have an amazing anti-inflammatory tea recipe below.


What You Will Need:

Ginger Root
Turmeric Root

What I like about this is you can add as much as you want into it, so if you like lemon, add a whole or 2 lemons in it. Don’t like too much ginger – how only a couple small chunks in there.

Steps to Make It:

First you will need to get a pot and fill it with water. Bring that pot of water to a boil. While that is getting hot, cut the lemon, ginger and turmeric into pretty thin slices. Once the water comes to a boil, throw the lemon, ginger, and turmeric in there. Let it simmer for about 5 to 7 minutes on lower heat. Then, with your choice or pouring with a fine sieve or using a ladle, pour it into a glass! You can also add some honey to add some sweetness. Pretty easy, right?


How do you incorporate turmeric into your every day life?


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