Dates. I don’t think dates get enough credit. Dates are the perfect snack, whether you have one with tea, as a part if your meal, or spice it up a little and turn it into a dessert. I have learned their benefits and wanted to share them with you – as I figured you may not know. I learned that dates have so many benefits, and not only that they are delicious, but health benefits! Honestly, I love dates, and when I learned how many benefits it had, it was a little shocked. How could something so small and sweet and delicious, actually be somewhat good for you! I do not know how or which dates you like, but personally, my favorite are the medjool dates that are fresh and dripping in its own syrup – You know, where the skin just falls off. It is perfect for me, with a nice hot cup of tea. A perfect duo.

Where do dates come from? They actually come from date palm trees! You may have seen them before, but there are different types and some are edible, and others are not. There are so many types of dates – Hallawi, Barhi, Medjool, and so many others. They are pretty tall trees, so you can not really miss them.

A lot of people eat dates because it is sweet and a good replacement for dessert. I have been seeing recipes and videos that if you add peanut butter and chocolate chips – it tastes like a Snickers! I have not tried it yet, but there are a lot of people that said it was delicious.

Dates are highly nutritious and have a lot of vitamins. They have potassium, magnesium, iron, and proteins. Having all of these vitamins is not only healthy internally, but it also helps improve your skin – helps anti-aging, makes your skin glow, and improves your skins elasticity.

In addition, because dates are high in fiber, they aid in healthy bowel movement. With that, they have anti-oxidants and also help fight cancers. If you eat dates on a regular basis, it also helps fight Alzheimer’s and improves brain functionality.

What is really amazing about dates is that, although they are a sweet treat, it helps fight diabetes! And if you like to drink alcohol, dates can actually help you deal with hangovers.

Dates are so delicious and the perfect addition to any dessert or smoothie. You can make anything from a banana date smoothie, to even a date shake! Play around with it and make it perfect for your tastebuds.

Date Snickers Dessert Snack Recipe

  • Get Medjool dates (how ever many you want)
  • Cut in half (halfway) and take out the pit
  • Fill date with peanut butter
  • Add chocolate chips of your choice (or drizzle melted chocolate)
  • If you want a more peanut flavor, chop up some peanuts and sprinkle on top!
  • A dash of seasalt


If you have made this little treat – tag me in your photos! My instagram is @Sharleen.s ! I would love to know how you like them – or comment below how you liked them or if you switched them up!

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6 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Dates!

  1. Knew that dates are healthy, but not these specifics! And what great snack ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. If you bake the dates, they get crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside, kind of like a toasted marshmallow. I like to put peanut butter on them and bake them, they kind of taste like a Reese’s cup. I’ve never added the chocolate chips though. Might be a game changer.

    A more savory, but delicious way is to put a little goat cheese and an almond on them before baking them. Yum 😋

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