It’s the season of persimmons! A lot of people love persimmons, but did you know all of the health benefits its has? Persimmons have so many benefits, you might be shocked to find out that eating what you love, is actually helping you! It is weird though, for me, I do not LOVE persimmons. I can tolerate it, but I do know a lot of people love them, so I figured I can share what I have researched and learned about these bad boys. Although it is a seasonal fruit, it is best to eat them when you can (as long as they are ripe and ready).

For starters, persimmons have so many antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. They actually have vitamin C – which is perfect to help your immune system stay strong! In addition, persimmons have fiber that help clear your arteries, help fight heart disease, and help with high-cholesterol. And with that, because of the amount of fiber it has, persimmons are also weight-loss friendly. By just getting this far, you’re probably getting excited that persimmons help you from the inside. But, get a little more excited as persimmons also have vitamin A that helps your eyesight – especially in the skin/peel. In this day-and-age, most of the days are spent behind a computer, so what better way to help your eyesight.

As of now, I do hope you are enjoying this read, learning more about the health benefits of persimmons. If not. well, I would say keep reading until you start enjoying it (lol).

Persimmons are also a fruit that help prevent diabetes and guess what? In addition to that, persimmons also have magnesium which helps the blood to clot, as needed.

Going back into the nutrients, persimmons also have potassium. So if you like to work out, instead of a banana, think of having a potassium to not get muscle cramps.

These orange fruits also help fight Alzheimer’s. They also help fight oxidative stress.

Now, I know with all of this new information about persimmons, you’re probably thinking ‘oh, yum. I will go have a lot more’ but, we all know, everything has a limit. Just moderate how much you eat, as I personally do not know how much is too much, ask your doctor! As everyone is different, it is best to take care of your body the personalized way you need to.

Now- We all know we can eat a persimmon just like that, but did you know there are so many other ways to spice it up a little?

There are so many creative ways you can eat persimmons. For starters, you can slice them up and add them to a salad! Just as simple as that. IF you want to get a little more fancy, you can add them in pork/beef dishes instead of using apples. Or, you can bake them as muffins or bread. If you are looking for easier additions, just chop them up and add them to your oatmeal or granola! In all honesty, the ideas are endless.

I am curious, how do you eat persimmons? Just munch on them as is? Or do you like to spice them up?

Thank you for reading!

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