How to be Healthy and Active During Quarantine!


During quarantine, you’re home all the time. Trust me, I know how hard it is to stay healthy and active, and not just stay on the couch or stay in bed and binge watch Netflix or just binge eat. I have literally been doing both – just constantly eating in bed. I figured, who cares, I can start over in April and get in shape. I have been saying I want to be healthy and get in shape forever – but I ALWAYS had excuses not to. So, I said to myself, I literally have no excuses this time…so I have to stay true to myself and get to it…after March haha.

Do It With Someone!

Something that has helped me so much is working out with someone. Whether it’s someone you live with, or a friend that’s quarantined in their house, hold each other accountable! No one is going anywhere so you can set a time and either do it together over facetime/zoom/any type of video chat, or you can say “every day at 2 pm let’s workout…text me when you’re done” or something along those lines. It’s a fun activity because it somewhat becomes like a competition – “ha, I finished before you” and such.

Don’t Know Where to Begin?

There are SO MANY apps and workouts that are FREE! Especially during the quarantine. One that I use is the Nike Training App – They are giving all users free premium memberships and the workouts are GREAT! They have different types of yoga, different target areas, and whole body workouts! I would highly recommend it!

Another workout I am following is Cassey Ho from Blogilates ! She has FREE youtube workout videos – and what’s amazing about her workouts? They’re all around 10 minutes! Her workouts are targeted – so if you want to work out your lower abs – you got it! 10 minutes of focused workouts on that area. And another amazing thing about her is that she has monthly calendars that are FREE and you can do that with someone as well. Her calendar is linked to her videos so it’s easy to find, and the whole month is a whole body workout, but days are targeted. Check her out!

Stay Eating Healthy?


I am totally on this same boat. How am I supposed to stay healthy when I am stressed out and just want to eat every thing in sight? So, that I have been doing is just putting more healthy foods in front of my fridge so I don’t see the unhealthy ones. Bored? Munch on some broccoli or cauliflower. Eat some edamame or make a salad and spice it was with a weird dressing! I have Nutella in my house and it’s SO HARD to not eat it…so guess what? I EAT IT. I don’t eat a lot of it, but a mini sandwich to push that craving down. The thing is, if you want something and you don’t give your body what it wants, it will be harder to stay ‘healthy’ and it will get worse along the way. It’s like, if your body is craving a burger from In N Out, but you decide to get a burger from McDonalds – in a couple days you’re body is still going to want the burger from In N Out because McDonalds is not the same. So – get what you need/want first. And if you’re going shopping, just buy more healthy stuff to stock up on so when you want to munch or bored-eat, it has to be healthy!

What are you doing to stay healthy and active?

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16 thoughts on “How to be Healthy and Active During Quarantine!

      1. I saw someone actually use a wine bottle for some workouts. Or you can use a can of beans in each hand. Really just depends what you’re going for. 2 water bottle if you’re going for a walk. So much!

  1. Thanks for this piece @Sharleen
    Personally I was stuck on binge watching and binge eating too till my brother came calling!
    We now take a run for an hour from 0600 hrs in the morning to keep fit.J then hook up with my friends and work out for an hour after which we play keepy uppies and wind down the day by taking an evening stroll.

  2. Eating healthy and staying fit are best in this time of stuck at home to keep us busy. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe and well.

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