This weekend, I went to Lake Arrowhead as a last weekend getaway before I start my new job (post about this to follow). I had never been to Lake Arrowhead, but I do love the mountains so I was excited!

I stayed in a hotel, and luckily, my room had a view of the lake! It was an amazing site to go to sleep to, and wake up to. There is just so much trees, birds, nature, to just admire. One flaw though, I came here to relax and enjoy the sun…there was a wedding with a lot kids, so laying by the pool and lake was not that great.

When it comes to food, I always like to find hole-in-the wall breakfast spots. I found an amazing spot about 5 minutes from the hotel. I’m pretty basic and always get a veggie omelette, but this one was HUGE! It was literally bigger than my hand (I don’t know how I finished the whole thing, but yolo, right?) Anyways, aside from the breakfast, we went to our hotels restaurant, not that hungry, so we just ordered the truffle fries… NO FLAVOR. It tasted like I was just eating french fried with salt on it. It seriously sucked. But, the Mojito made up for it. I’m not a drinker, so when I find a drink that I don’t taste alcohol in, I get super excited.

If you are thinking about traveling to Lake Arrowhead, honestly, I think there are better places to go. Lake Arrowhead was just really touristy and manmade, and I think places like Lake Isabella or Kern River are a lot better. But, let me know what you think if you have ever been to any places in the mountains! I love nature, give me ideas of where to travel (Out of CA recommended).



Thanks for reading! 🙂

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