I got lucky enough to try some Mario Badescu products! And, here is what I think! I am always scared to try new products because my skin is SUPER sensitive, but I heard such great things about MB, that I decided to try it out for myself!


The Seaweed Night Cream, Hyaluronic Eye Cream, and Almond & Honey Face scrub are pretty amazing! The eye cream and seaweed night cream actually work! They made my skin less wrinkly, and who doesn’t want that??? The Almond and Honey face scrub broke me out like crazy, but it was because it was bringing everything out! After all the bacteria came out, my skin was looking and feeling FLAW-LESS!


thumbnail_20180920_194115 This trio right here… If you have sensitive skin and have acne, I ADVISE YOU TO GET THESE!!! I used these 3, once a day (although it says to use it twice a day) and my skin is looking clear..CLEAR! Do you know HOW LONG I have been trying to clear my skin? YEARS! The Enzyme cleansing gel does not even have bubbles in it, thats how amazing it is! The Toner feels great on my skin, and the Aloe moisturizer is also sunblock, but it doesn’t feel oily or heavy on my skin. It just feels like light lotion, that actually helps clear my skin.


Now, this life saver in a bottle, is just that. Have or feel a pimple coming? BAM, put some of the MB drying lotion and it should have shrunk or disappeared by the morning! It has seriously saved me so many times! You don’t mix it, all you do it let it sit and allow the pink base to stay at the bottom, and the clear alcohol stuff to stay at the top, get a cotton swab, just dip it to the bottom and pull it out! Apply to areas where necessary and go to sleep! Wake up in the morning, and feel like a new person (lol)!

Now, we save THE BEST FOR LAST


You know when you have something, and you stop using it because you don’t want it to finish because it’s THAT amazing? That’s how I feel about the rosewater facial spray. Like, omg where has this been all my life???? I spray it literally all the time. As soon as I am done with my make up, spray it on. Get home from work? Spray it on. Just got out of the shower? Spray IT ON. It smells so GREAT, it makes my skin look GREAT, and it has been helping my redness.


If you ever want to try Mario Badescu products, feel free to reach out to me and I can help with any questions on your choice! Click here to Shop!

If you have tried Mario Badescu products, what did you get and how did you feel about it?

Thank you!


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