What’s The Best Part Of What You Do?

I have done so much and been through a lot, whether it was good or bad, but I usually find the best in every situation. So, when I do something, I always try to figure out what the best part is, wether it didn’t have one or if it have many.

When I was a recruiter, I think the best part of doing that job was being able to help people find their new home and new family. Being able to help someone find a new job/career path and finding them a company that will actually appreciate them and take care of them, was something that is most dearest to me – it makes me feel so good! Especially when I chat with them months later and they tell me all about it.

But now, I am a blogger, which is a whole different thing. I don’t have to constantly cold call people, I don’t have to find companies for people that will fit in with, but now I get to work with amazing companies for myself, and chat with wonderful people to help me grow!

So, for me, the best part of what I do now, blogging, is being able to share my experiences with people. I LOVE IT. Having a large platform and being able to honestly share my thoughts on either an event, a product, or just anything in general, is something I truly enjoy!

& One of the top parts of doing this, is MEETING NEW PEOPLE! I love it so much. I wasn’t always a social butterfly, but ever since I started becoming an influencer/blogger, I have met such incredible people. They help me, motivate me, and just share ideas off of one another and help me grow so much. I am honestly so happy that I get to do something I enjoy, meet people that are awesome, and just keep growing! Although, sometimes along the way I do meet those bloggers that are all about them and never want to help and put other bloggers’ down, but people like that don’t bother me anymore! – because I know with every one (1) non-friendly blogger, there is at least ten (10) amazing bloggers that make me forget all about them! Honestly, I there are so many best parts of what I do now, that it allows me to just keep going with everything I want to do. Whether I want to keep blogging or try something else or new, I know that the people I met along the way of blogging, people will help me with it if they know how! That’s why I love the blogging community so much! Always here to give and help.


What’s the best part of what you do?

Is this best part better than your previous job?



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7 thoughts on “What’s The Best Part Of What You Do?

  1. Congratulations on following your dreams! I’m a doctor and it’s certainly not an easy job– I don’t see myself doing it till retirement, or at least not working in the high-stress environment of a busy public hospital, but the best part of my job is seeing very ill people (esp the kids) get better and look completely different once better. It’s always a joy passing them in the supermarket!

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