How Did You Get Into Blogging?


People always ask me how I got started blogging, especially those that personally know me because I always hated writing. Well, I kind of fell into it!

So, how exactly did I ‘fall into it’ is what you’re probably thinking..It actually started back on twitter (before instagram was a thing). I had a lot of followers there so I became an influencer. People would send me products or clothes and such to post and/or review. Then, instagram came along. I realized with captions on instagram, as an influencer, I can write a lot more than twitters’ 140 characters.


So Instagram came along, and I started growing quick in the beginning. You know, before facebook bought it and it went downhill.

So as I started growing, I started working with more and more brands/companies – and with that, more and more longer captions came along. In addition to working with brands/companies, I noticed that I loved sharing my experiences of just about everything, beaches, restaurants, food, recipes, etc… And I realized that instagram was not as big as a platform that I wanted in order to share everything with every one. SO – I decided ‘why not start a blog so I can get a bigger platform, share whatever I want, and post as many photos as I want’ – so, here I am! 


I had so many bumps to get here – I honestly had no idea what the heck I was doing. But you know what? I didn’t give up, I asked people questions (I know a lot of people are scared for asking for help – but just do it), and I finally got to where I am now. I still have no idea what I am actually doing, but I am here for it. And like the photo above, it was a hard road to get here, but the destination is beautiful, even though I am not even there yet! I have met so many wonderful people, helpful people, and just overall great company.  Being a blogger has also helped me grow as an influencer and work with more brands/companies!

So – That is pretty much how I fell into blogging. Kind of random and weird, but here I am!

How did you get into blogging? I would love to know! Comment below.


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