I know there are a lot of people out there that do not know how to achieve their goals. They try and try, but just are not motivated enough – well, that’s probably because you don’t know how to be organized in a way to get your goals completed. I hope that this post about achieving goals will help you and give you insight on how to better organize to be able to complete your goals.

Where To Begin

Alright – so you’re here to learn how to achieve your goals, right? Well, let’s begin with where to start. I think the best and first thing to do is to set your intentions. In order to start achieving your goals, we need to change our habits of either being lazy, not being motivated enough to want to complete them, etc… Habits are basically who we are, and what is wonderful is that we can always change who we are into who we want to be. Start off by writing down who you want to be, what do you want to change? What habits will support that ‘new person’.

Once you do that, write down what goal you want to achieve in the year. This is where we start going big! No, but really, write down everything you want to achieve in the next year, no matter how big it is.

Mid-way Through

So, now you have a list of who you want to be, and a goal you want to achieve within the next year…now what? Well, with your goal, break that down into monthly goals. Within one month, what do you want to accomplish? In two months? Three? Just break it down into layers of monthly goals and start there.

Once you have completed writing down the monthly goals, guess what? Yep! We are going to write weekly goals! Break those monthly goals down into weekly goals…and now guess what else… We are breaking those down into DAILY GOALS! I honestly think that daily goals are super important in wanting to achieve a larger goal, because, how else are you going to get there? The important thing is to start small so you do not give yourself anxiety… like “omg how am I going to reach 100k followers on my blog within 6 months” – well, that’s why we are starting small, and breaking it down into daily goals. Breaking it down will seem smaller and make you realize that it is doable! Remember, when it comes to things like goals and lists, your brain will try to trick you into thinking “ugh, I can’t do this, I’m just going to go watch TV or something”. – So, we are here to have only positive thoughts, knowing that we are able to complete these tasks.

Last, But Of Course, Not Least

Once you have broken down your goals from a huge year goal into daily goals, get yourself a planner and get to work! I, personally, LOVE using colored markers/pens. It makes it more fun for me. So, I write down my ‘to-do’ list in my planner, look at it every morning, and start my day! Once I am done, I like to highlight it to see what I have accomplished in the day – and it makes me feel SO GOOD! If you haven’t tried it, you should! Maybe you need to have a new approach to it! I have had people tell me that vision boards help them – try that as well! In order to complete goals, you need to find what works and doesn’t work for you. Realize what you want, AND GO GET IT! Life is short, do what you love to do, accomplish what you want to accomplish, AND HAVE A GOOD TIME DOING IT!


What do you do to accomplish goals?


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  1. I love this post on how to achieve your goals! I personally carry a planner and it makes a world of difference. Great tips that I will definitely have to implement. Thanks!

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