How To Start Monday Morning The Right Way

Mondays are just…Mondays. Everyone out there knows Monday has such a bad reputation, people always complaining – Monday is so overwhelming, I have the case of the Mondays, I have the Monday blues, I need the biggest coffee in the world, etc… But you know what, Monday is actually an amazing day! If started off right and positive, it will honestly be the best start to the week. I know a lot of people do not think about Monday like that, but I am hoping I can change that!

So, Sharleen, How Do I Start My Mondays Off Right?

It may be a lot of work, but trust me, it’s not! Doing this will make your work week so much more productive and easier!

The first thing I would say to do it to make a to-do list! Wait – Scratch that – I meant, the first thing I would say to do is grab your coffee/tea! haha. Get your go-to caffeine and start there. THEN – make a to-do list. Plan out your week – what do you want to get done? What do you want to post? What are you daily and weekly goals? And with that, make a schedule of how long you want to spend on each task, and block that out on your calendar so you do not get distracted by others!

After that, if it took you a while, take a small break. Just go outside and get some fresh air, or wash your face, and get ready for another task!

That next task, if it is something you are interested in, meal prep! That way you do not have to worry about what to make for lunch/dinner, or take time cooking! Especially if you have your 9 to 5 job and are working from home, this is the perfect solution!

Another thing to do, that is not really on Monday, is to have a Sunday evening routine! That way your body will already be used to things on Sunday and not need to change and you will get a better nights sleep! & you can have a relaxing bath, throw on some candles, have some essential oils going – and just have the most relaxing Sunday evening you can! Have a cup of (decaf) tea and just chill out and be zen!

In addition to all of these, there are so many other ways to not hate Mondays! Think of it as another day, and it helps be have a relaxing Sunday! You do not have to go full speed on Monday, take it slow and ease back into working after doing your own thing over the weekend! It is also fun to collaborate with others and plan your weeks together!

You can also check out how I like to spend my day offs here!

What are ways you push through your Mondays? I would love to learn new techniques as well!

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4 thoughts on “How To Start Monday Morning The Right Way

  1. Love this post! I actually adore Mondays hahaha, they’re the most productive time of the week for me. But I can agree that they can be tough, so thank you for some ways to make them a little better <3

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