What Obstacles Do Bloggers Like Me Face?


No matter what you do, where you go, and what you try, there will always be obstacles. There can be super small obstacles you face, and there can be tough ones that are just so difficult to pass, that you want to give up. Honestly, I have been blogging for about a year and I think I have hit all types of obstacles – heck even writing this, I am going through an obstacle and want to give up. But here I am, just trying to push through and keep going.

Some of the most simple obstacles I face when I started blogging was just that, starting. I didn’t even know where to begin, what to do, anything. I was just staring at my computer, thinking about what I’m supposed to do. And then it hit me, I am allowed to ask people! I got on facebook, googled other blogs, and asked friends on instagram, how to begin. I was lucky because everyone was open to helping me. I was on phone calls and video conferences and took so many notes! I was able to get started and just learned as I went and finally got to where I am now!

Other obstacles that I hit is coming up with content to write about! This is an obstacle I always come by. Every time I am ready to write, I always think about what to write, is it worth it, will people actually enjoy reading it, etc… But, I write about what I want and hope that people will enjoy it!

Other than blogging, another obstacle I hit is my instagram – coming up with content, posting captions, and hoping my old followers, new followers, and people that come to my page enjoy it! (to check out my instagram, click here). I try, and like I mentioned above, I ask people for help and how I can grow! If you’re interested in some Instagram tips and tricks, view my previous blog post by clicking here.

Other obstacles I’m sure bloggers like me face are keeping up to date with all social medias! Knowing how to utilize Instagram and Pinterest. Being able to keep up with trends and knowing how to be able to use keywords, photos, and everything in between, is an obstacles that bloggers face about every day! It is always wonderful to connect with other bloggers and be able to help each other and grow with each other.


The way I am able to really get through my obstacles is that I just take a step back and take a breath. Being able to just relax and know when you hit your limit is something that is really important – for both your body and mind. Mental health should always come first! Take care of yourself, always ask for help when you need it and are lost, and always know I will be here to help you! (Just reach out to me).

What are some obstacles you face when blogging or posting on instagram?

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