How Do You Schedule Your Work Week?

I have spoken with many different people in different areas of work, and of course, they all have different ways to schedule their work weeks – different methods, different times to look at what they have to do, different check-lists and so on.

Time Block Method

One method is the time block method which is when you have your calendar and literally block off times that you want to be proactive in. These blocks are to help you focus on the more important tasks that you are needed to get done. It’s basically how you can focus that time on an important project, focus on an important document, or just focus on what you need to get done for your blog!

The good thing about this method is that it can help you schedule your priorities and how you’re going to use that time and complete those specific tasks! It gives you that benefit of setting aside a specific time block and know exactly what task you’re going to complete!

Most Important Task Method (MIT)

This is pretty self explanatory. You basically focus on the most essential of your tasks rather than writing everything down and picking and choosing and switching back and forth between tasks. The MIT allows you to only work on one tasks and then you move on once you’ve completed that tasks. This allows you to work on prioritizing your work and allowing yourself to reach deadlines! You don’t move onto another task until your first is completed.

These two methods are the top methods that I use, as well as taking lazy days and just using a planner and to-do list! I usually use the above when the week is about to be over and I still have a lot to get done – this way I allow my focus to stay on work and not get distracted! And honestly, they work! I make my list and work on it, and once I realize I have a lot left to do, I prioritize them and do the time block method. It honestly helps me so much!

How do you schedule your work week? Any of the above techniques or something else?

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