What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?

Being a blogger and an influencer, I rarely get days off. I feel like I am constantly on my phone working, connecting with fellow bloggers and influencers, and brands and companies! One thing I do try to do is not overwork myself so even when I am constantly working, I am somewhat still relaxed and not stressed. But, if and when I get lucky to have a day off, there is so much I like to do to relax and enjoy my day and time.

As I mentioned, there is so much that I like to do when I have a day off – but one of my top things is going into nature. I love plants so just being able to go somewhere and being surrounded by quiet just makes me feel at peace and it just makes me feel so good. It allows me to meditate and get into my own thoughts and realize what my body and mind needs. In addition to all of that, it allows me some time away from the screen, no phone or computer, just looking at real things in real time. If I do have a few days off, I love traveling to nature and/or mountains – Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, etc. I actually wrote about a trip to Lake Arrowhead – click here to read it! In addition to nature, I love going to the mountains! I know they are similar, but they are not! I feel like nature you can see when you go camping or even in your own backyard, whereas mountains are like nature times 500. You get the trees, plants, possible snow, hiking with green plants (around here most plants are not green because they are dried when going hiking). It’s just something about being in that peaceful mindset makes me relaxed.

Can you guess where another top spot it for me to spend a day off? If you thought the beach – YOU ARE RIGHT! I love the Los Angeles sun shining while I am laying in the sand. Although it is not just about the sun, I also love going on gloomy and drizzly days. There is just something about seeing the water flow and hearing it crash. I sometimes take my notebook and it helps me with ideas to write about new topics and such. Also, my drive on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) is so nice. Seeing all the trees and sand and endless ocean – it is honestly, really great. It is just so nice on the eyes (haha).

Don’t hate me, but sometimes even on my day off – I also like to still work! If I don’t have a to-do list, I just basically work and brainstorm and plan for following days, weeks, and months. Being able to work with no pressure is also really nice. I am able to take breaks whenever I want, stop working and watch a show if I want, and not have to worry about any deadlines makes everything even better. I have had people tell me it is a bad habit to work on your day off, but I think I have been okay so I will keep doing me! haha

What’s Your Favorite Way To Spend Your Day Off?

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11 thoughts on “What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?

  1. Great pos! I have so many ways to spend my day off. Being an educator I get to be home with kids in summer & absolutely love it. We travel twice a year and spend quality time at home playing board games, watching TV shows or old movies together

  2. Great to know you’re taking your days-off! I love to go for a walk/drive to quiet places and just listen to the sound of nature, bring my guitar and just enjoy the tranquility.

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