How I Went From Being a Full Time Recruiter To An Entrepreneur.

I don’t even know where to begin. I guess we can start from how and when I started as a recruiter. I was a full-time student, but my school was about an hour drive so I made my schedule full days, twice a week. So, as I was a student, I was looking for a part time job. I found a job as a healthcare recruiter at an autism/ABA company. They were willing to train, it was close to my house, and I was all for it! I went to my interview, it was kind of like a speed dating interview – there were like 7 other people being interviewed, and after every couple minutes we would switch off to other employees and being interviewed by them. I reallllly loved the vibe, the people there were around my age, and I knew I could just be myself. A couple days later, I got a call and got the job! Of about 8 or 9 people, only 2 got hired! And I was one of them.

I got trained, did my job, and loooooved it. The work environment was wonderful, my boss was SUPER amazing, and I got along with just about everyone. I was always in different departments chatting with the other people, helping them with other ideas (that do not involve recruiting), and sometimes I just got in trouble for talking too much! haha. I was there for over a year and a half and decided it was time to explore new opportunities. While I was looking, I decided I wanted to start a blog – I enjoy writing, companies called me an influencer and invited me to events, so I thought I would write about it on my blog!

I got a job as a legal recruiter at a new staffing agency – it was fun! I was always busy and I loved the challenge. The drive wasn’t bad, and after some time, they offered working from home a couple days a week! It was wonderful. It was really small, just a couple of us, and I honestly, I don’t even know what it was. Loneliness? Boredom? I’m not sure – but I realized it was not for me. Once I decided that, I guess they felt that and let me go.

I applied for jobs and it was really difficult because I did not want another staffing agency – I wanted an in-house position. After a couple months, I decided I was going to start my own staffing agency. Although I did not want a staffing agency, I thought about how I can work on my time, do what I want, blah blah. I decided to call it Sol Recruiting – and it was going to be a legal recruiting staffing agency because not only was that all I knew, but I built wonderful relationships with other law firms and those in the legal field, it was all I knew for an agency. And, I wanted to do this because I didn’t have to drive in that LA traffic to go somewhere, and be there for like 8 hours, and then sit in traffic again on my way home – it sucks so much! So I started my own company while I worked on my blog and being an ‘influencer’.

After awhile of having my own company, I realized wow, I am super lonely, no one to really talk to, and no challenges, but I was still pushing myself. And then – Corona virus happened. Everything slowly slowed down and eventually came to a stop. So, I decided to focus more on my blog. The one I had was the free one from WordPress, you know, cause I did not really care for it. But I decided I wanted to do more because it was something I really enjoyed. I love to write (for me, hated it in school), and I can write about whatever I wanted, when I wanted.

I focused more on my blog, growing, and helped others along the way. I have met so many other bloggers, made so many new friends, and so much more. It was in just such a better headspace, happier with what I was doing, although I still had my downs because I was stuck at home because of quarantine, but I loved being able to do what I enjoyed. It was all good vibes! haha

As I am looking for a new job right now, whether in social media or recruiting, I am enjoying collaborating with some brands and writing for me, and being able to make some money off of it!

Oh- and I love chatting so much (once I open up to you, I won’t shut up), I started a podcast with a friend! You can check it out here 🙂 Feel free to give us a 5-star rating! We’re trying to make it in this world.

Anyways – this is how I transitioned into being my own person and doing what I love. I am constantly trying to grow, get all the help I can get, and always try to help those that need it (and ask for it). I make the money I need on my own schedule, being fun and doing what I love, and it’s a great feeling.

If you are looking for change, or have an idea of wanting to do something else, DO IT!!! You really won’t know unless you try. If you try and fail, at least you did it! If you never try, you will never know – the thought will constantly be in your head, what if I did this? What if I did that? Just Do IT!!!! Try it. You never know, you might love it and be so happy!

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